Razer Now Sells a Tempered Glass Mousepad


When you think about shopping parts for your PC, mousepads are probably an afterthought. It’s the one part of your PC that’s hard to get wrong, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get it right. This mousepad from Razer has a curious proposition — and promises to be the best-possible mousepad because of it.

The new Razer Atlas mousepad might look like a regular matte mousepad at first sight, but you’ll immediately notice what it’s built of when you pick it up. It’s solid tempered glass that makes for an ultra-smooth surface, which according to Razer, “provides the perfect conditions for mice with optical sensors to detect textures accurately for a precise gaming experience.” If you pair it up with some of the best gaming mice around, it might just make for an insanely smooth experience.

Of course, being tempered glass, you need to be careful with how you handle it — Razer has a few warnings on its product page, discouraging users to expose it to sunlight, fire/heat, or hitting people’s heads with it. Razer also has a full guide on how users should clean and handle it.

If your desk has the space, you can buy the Razer Atlas from Razeri’s site for $99. It also has an Amazon listing, but that doesn’t appear to be live yet.

Source: Razer

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